In the competence field Digital Environments, our students design the world of tomorrow. We deal intensively with digitalization, we understand it and know that it is primarily a question of design how our physical world can be connected with digital infrastructures for and with people and nature.

"Interaction and motion designers shape digitalization and make it understandable and comprehensible."
Prof. Stefan Wölwer

Digital transformation needs interdisciplinary teams

The range of topics in our program is broad: augmented and virtual reality, social design, user experience design, service design, artificial intelligence, design research, motion design and motion graphics, interaction and interface design, digital video, generative design, robotics, and more. We help our students stay on top of their game to foster their creativity and strengths.

Digital transformation requires interdisciplinary teams. For our projects in the competence field Digital Environments, we therefore work together with the diverse study areas, faculties and departments of HAWK, e.g. Social Work and Health, Resource Management, Engineering or the Health Campus. You can find the examples on our vimeo channel.