Living and studying in Holzminden

Holzminden is located in the heart of the Weser hill country and has around 20,000 inhabitants. The HAWK location has the charm of a cosy, very lively small town with numerous half-timbered houses and lots of nature. These three things at least make Holzminden a great place to study – you’ll discover the rest for yourself and are very likely to love it all.

First: The connection between the city (society) and the university. Because academic education in Holzminden has been a tradition since the 19th century and the university is an important part of the region, people feel connected to the HAWK. As one of the approximately 1,300 students, you are always welcome.

Second: You will quickly establish contacts and benefit from short distances. The HAWK campus is located, just like many shared flats and apartments, directly in the city centre. You will quickly find your way around when you start your studies.

Third: Life is great in Holzminden! Whether it’s your first flat at an affordable price, the many opportunities to be a part of social life or a spontaneous picnic with friends on the banks of the Weser River – you are sure to feel right at home here.