Living and studying in Göttingen

“City of students”: If you know Göttingen and had to choose a single name, this is the one you would probably choose. The city has been one of the most important university cities in Germany for almost three centuries. Even in Goethe's time, student life was legendary. Today, Göttingen has 134,000 inhabitants and 30,000 students.

Needless to say, this has a significant impact on life in Göttingen. In the city centre there are numerous cafés and student pubs. Cultural offerings such as concerts and poetry slams are not only to be found on the big stage, but also in traditional localities. If you want to be active in sports, you can take advantage of the university's sports facilities. How do you get there? The best way – typical for Göttingen – is by bicycle. In addition, you can also take advantage of the well-developed public transport system to get you just about anywhere.
In Göttingen, you will find the HAWK faculties of Resource Management, Natural Sciences and Technology as well as the Health Campus Göttingen. As one of the approximately 1,800 HAWK students, you can look forward to small learning groups and practical projects.

You will also benefit from the fact that Göttingen is very strong in the fields of business and research. Numerous co-operations, practical and research projects organised by the HAWK enable you to make contacts and gain practical experience during your studies.

And then there’s the Gänseliesel, the goose girl, the landmark of the city. If you decide to do a doctorate after your studies and successfully complete it, it is traditional to kiss the fountain figure on the market square.