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First university degree

What is this study programme all about?

At the beginning of the Master's programme, you choose between the areas of specialisation of Structural Engineering and Water and Traffic Engineering. Construction operations and construction management play a special role in all specialisations. The focus is on the following topics:

  • New construction and renovation of buildings, structures and facilities
  • Application of numerical procedures and methods
  • Renovation of existing buildings/Corrective maintenance for energy efficiency
  • Structural engineering with timber and steel construction, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete construction
  • Water and transport systems with hydraulic engineering and water management, residential water management and waste technology, traffic systems
  • Energy, climate protection, environmental protection
  • Calculation of construction operations and project and construction management

What can I do with it after graduation?

This degree qualifies you for management positions in the construction industry, in engineering offices or in the public sector. Your responsibilities will include building materials development and optimisation, the planning and calculation of buildings, structures and facilities, design and construction or the supervision of planning, execution and operation in public authorities.

Political and social developments are opening up new jobs for you in more and more occupational fields.

What makes this study programme special?

Thanks to co-operation with other study programmes, such as architecture, you will be provided with a broad and in-depth specialist knowledge. You will study in small groups and work on practical tasks.

This will enable you to acquire skills and competences that you can use directly in your job. With applied research in laboratories and workshops you combine theory and practice. In addition, we prepare you intensively for an international working environment by offering international workshops and excursions.