Duration (Number of semesters)
Application deadline Winter semester
First university degree

What is this study programme all about?

To be matter of fact, it is about obtaining the qualifications to satisfy all the requirements for practising the profession of an architect according to the European Architectural Directive 85/384 as well as the worldwide requirements of UNESCO and UIA.

In emotional terms, however, it is about expanding the knowledge you have acquired in your Bachelor's degree in order to optimally prepare you for your professional future.

The main emphasis is on design, construction and execution-related architectural themes – both in new and existing buildings. Here we offer you as a student an individual focus by allowing you to freely select your study contents.

What can I do with it after graduation?

Only a Master's degree qualifies you for freelance work as an architect. But there are also many doors open to you as an employee – in traditional architecture, real estate and engineering offices as well as in associations and specialist media, in the public sector or in construction companies and housing associations.

This includes activities in the construction management sector or in the field of building in existing buildings and in the preservation of historical monuments. Last but not least, you also have the opportunity to stay in research and pursue a career in an academic institution.

What makes this study programme special?

Numerous complex, practice-oriented planning and construction projects await you during your studies. The interdisciplinary cooperation with other study programmes and the additional qualifications make your studies at HAWK particularly interesting.

In addition, you will be trained with us so that you can work not only on the German but also on the international market. With interesting excursions, workshops at home and abroad and the integrated practical module, we also combine theory and practice in a special way.