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Admission, Application: BA/MA Design, BSc/MSc Conservation/Restoration, BSc Forestry (names R-Z), BA Business Administration Part-Time
Admission, Application: BEng Comp. Engin./Robotics, BEng/MEng Electr. Engin./Inform. Techn., BEng/MEng Med. Techn., BSc Orthobion., BEng Physical Engin., MSc Laser-/Plasma Techn., BEng/MEng Mechan. Engin., BSc Forestry (A-Q), MEng Energy Effic. Construct.
Head of Admissions Office; member of Staff Council
Admission, Application: BA/MA Architecture, BEng Green Building
Admission, Application: BA Educational Sciences for Allied Health Professions, BSc/MSc ELP, BSc Midwifery, BSc Nursing, BA Social Work Hildesheim/Holzminden (names R-Z), BSc Therapeutic Sciences, BA Social Work in Health Care
Admission, Application: BEng/MEng Civil Engineering, BEng Wood Engineering, BA Social Work Hildesheim/Holzminden (names H-Q), BA Part-time Degree Programme in Social Work (names M-Z), BEng Construction Management
Admission, Application: BA Childhood Education, BA Social Work Hildesheim/Holzminden (names A-G), BA Part-time Degree Programme in Social Work (names A-L), MA Social Work Hildesheim/Holzminden, MSc Real Estate Management
Profilbild Sabrina Stramann
Member of staff in the Admissions Office
(currently on maternity/parental leave)
Admission, Application: BSc Arboriculture, BEng/MEng Business Administration & Engineering, MEng Green Engineering, MEng Renewable Resources, MA Regional Managem. & Business Promotion, MSc Urban Tree/Forest Managem., BSc Real Estate Economics & Management
Head of Admissions Office