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Restoration workshop Framed wooden objects/paintings


1982-85 Internship in a restoration workshop near Osnabrück. Restoration work in churches and monument conservation
1985-88 theoretical and practical training at the Hamburg museums to become a "certified restorer for the areas of mounted wood sculpture and paintings
1996-2002 Study at the FH Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen, course of studies restoration, study of wooden objects with bevelled surfaces

1988-1990 Freelance work in Hamburg, restoration projects in a team
Since 1990 research assistant in the restoration course, head of the restoration workshop for mounted wooden objects and paintings

Areas of responsibility:

  •     Organization of the workshop
  •     Provision of materials and equipment, equipment briefing
  •     Selection, transport and loan of art objects
  •     Supervision of the students during the practical work on the object
  •     Performance of practical exercises
  •     Implementation of project weeks
  •     Examination of work accompanying the studies
  •     Examination of final papers

Courses within the scope of the activity and additional teaching assignments on the topics:

  •     Object acquisition
  •     Historical techniques
  •     Image layer consolidation
  •     Cleaning
  •     Climate measurement methods
  •     Synthetic resins in restoration
  •     Wood fortification
  •     Microsection analysis
  •     Solvent application

Committee work: currently in the Faculty Council and in the Central Study Commission