Publishing made easy - Fast access to a large amount of data makes Internet publication attractive.

The Internet has made the worldwide procurement of information so much faster, in some cases only really possible in the first place. Our free e-publications of research results promote the worldwide exchange of information. But Open Access publication also has great advantages for scientists and scholars, because it increases the visibility of the publication and ensures greater dissemination of research results in international and interdisciplinary contexts.

The special thing about us is,

  •    diversity: university papers, conference contributions, essays, documentations, videos, posters.
  •     that we promote the full texts both via our German and English newsletters and the homepage of our
        website and archive them in our annual report.
  •     that our authors retain access to their data sets so that they can correct any errors themselves.
  •     that further publications are possible at any time.
  •     that we can make the data sets permanently citable with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Against "grey literature"

In particular, we have declared war on so-called "grey literature", i.e. specialist publications that are not commercially available, often only available in individual documents. Because nothing is more unsatisfactory than to do qualified research and then not receive adequate feedback.