Duration (Number of semesters)
Application deadline Summer semester
Vocational training
First university degree

What is this study programme all about?

This study programme enables you to expand your disciplinary knowledge in occupational therapy, speech therapy or physiotherapy. You will learn how to prepare and implement research proposals, whereby the interdisciplinary exchange between the three disciplines is of great importance. No matter which of the three disciplines you have chosen, as a Master's student you will be prepared for the working field of health promotion and prevention and take part in interesting conferences and joint excursions. In addition to your studies, you can participate in ongoing research projects and work as a research assistant.

What can I do with it later?

You can continue your therapeutic work in the familiar field of work and practice even more competently and evidence-based. However, you can also try your hand at research and play a major role in disciplinary or interdisciplinary research projects. In this way, you will perform true pioneering work in the fields of therapy, health promotion and prevention. But then again, your path could also lead you to the planning of health care, where well-trained specialists are always in demand.

What makes this study programme special?

It is our overriding goal to qualify you for a responsible position in the healthcare sector so that you can have a positive influence on developments in this area. To this end, we rely on a lively exchange and discussion on a level playing field between teachers, students and external experts, whom we invite to take part in the programme. This gives you a direct connection to research and enables you to complete a course of study with a distinct practical orientation.