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Vocational training

What is this study programme all about?

Have you already successfully completed training or an apprenticeship in one of the three specialist areas? Then this study programme offers you the opportunity to expand what you have already learned and to acquire well-founded subject-specific, business management, health science and research methodological skills.

This involves teaching client-oriented, evidence-based and context-appropriate action in order to prepare you for future challenges in these professional fields. Multi-professional work contexts and teamwork strengthen your professional identity.

What can I do with it later?

Once you have completed your studies, you will have the opportunity to treat patients comprehensively – with the advantage that as a graduate of this study programme, you are qualified to work particularly in the future relevant fields of action.

This includes working with the chronically ill and elderly people. You can take on a management position or set up your own practice, because your degree will also qualify you for this. But new paths are also open to you. You can start a career in resource development, quality management or health promotion and prevention in companies, schools, day-care centres, homes and districts. You can also take on management positions in these fields.

What makes this study programme special?

The interdisciplinary orientation of the study programme is unique in all of Germany.

Here you will be stimulated to engage in dialogue and co-operation between the three professional groups, thus opening up new future prospects and career opportunities.

During your studies, you will expand your knowledge with research methodological competencies and implement them in study projects. With the combination of training and studies and the combination of the three areas, you will increase your attractiveness for the job market tremendously and look forward to a future full of new challenges.