Interdisciplinary Conference in Brandenburg an der Havel

Publishing Date: 22.02.2022

HAWK’s Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Conservation and the Hornemann Institute are organising an interdisciplinary conference in Brandenburg an der Havel from 27 April to 30 April under the motto "Non-invasive". The HAWK in Hildesheim is cooperating with the Brandenburg State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and the Brandenburg State Archaeological Museum (BLDAM) as well as the Brandenburg Cathedral Chapter. The Hornemann Institute of the HAWK has now opened registration for the conference on its website.

Conference topic

Almost all historical works of art have survived in fragments: Dealing with these fragments, their research, preservation and communication are therefore among the central tasks of conservators, archaeologists, art historians, architects and monument conservationists.

In focus: new non-invasive methods

By now, radiation-diagnostic imaging techniques and digital possibilities of visualisation and simulation offer us increasingly efficient tools for the research, virtual completion and mediation of fragmentary works. Above all, however, they offer us new, non-invasive techniques, i.e. techniques that do not interfere with the substance.


The conference will not only offer a practice-oriented overview of these innovative techniques and their possible applications, but also the opportunity to discuss them directly with users. It focuses on the research and presentation of mural painting, because it is precisely this genre of art that is now often only poorly legible and difficult to understand because of climate change, vandalism, conversions and redesigns etc.


The lecturers come from the specialist disciplines of conservation and restoration, art history, monument preservation, building research, metrology/photography and the natural sciences.


The first lectures will focus on the results of the restoration science project led by Prof. Dr. Ursula Schädler-Saub (HAWK) on the late Gothic wall painting cycle in the Cathedral cloister of Brandenburg an der Havel. The focus is on the newly developed methods and techniques of recording and visualising the fragmentary. The possibilities of their profitable interdisciplinary use will be put up for discussion. Among other things, the results of research into the historical painting technique will be presented - it is an unusually elaborate secco technique using precious pigments.

The second day's speakers will present other current projects for the research, visualisation and presentation of fragmentary artworks by means of radiation-diagnostic imaging techniques, e.g. using multispectral analysis. In order to stimulate a discussion about the possibilities and limitations of the various methods and techniques, examples from the field of sculpture are also included. In addition, an open-source technique will be presented that can also be used very well for smaller projects.

In the final discussion, experts from different professions will summarise the most important considerations and venture a glimpse into the future in the discussion with the auditorium.
A public lecture will explain new art-historical findings on the mural cycle in the former library of the Brandenburg Cathedral cloister and illustrate the enormous cultural-historical significance of the cycle.

Almost all lectures will be held in German. A simultaneous translation will not be possible.

Conference proceedings

A book with the results of the restoration science on the late Gothic wall painting cycle on the sciences and arts in the Cathedral cloister of Brandenburg an der Havel will accompany the conference.


The conference will be framed by joint visits to medieval wall paintings in the city of Brandenburg and its proximity. The conference will begin on the afternoon of 27 April with a walk from St. Katherine's via St. John's to the Cathedral cloister. On 30 April, there will be an excursion to medieval wall paintings in the Mark Brandenburg.


Registration is online only.

The conference is funded by the Niedersächsisches Vorab.

Late Gothic tendril painting in the Cathedral cloister in Brandenburg an der Havel
Photo and visualisation: HAWK (S. Krause-Riemer)

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Profilbild Ursula Schädler-Saub
Grundsätze und Methoden der Restaurierung und der Denkmalpflege, Leitung des DFG-Forschungsprojektes Hyperspektrale Untersuchungsmethoden und die Entwicklung einer digitalen Toolbox für die Erforschung und Vermittlung fragmentarischer Wandmalerei