The University of Minia and HAWK plan a comprehensive partnership starting 2024

Publishing Date: 08.08.2023

A delegation of academics and administrators from Hildesheim's twin city Minia in Egypt was welcomed at HAWK. After the meeting, Prof. Dr. Esameldin Sadek Farahat Abdalla, President of the University of Minia, and Dr. Marc Hudy, HAWK President signed a Memorandum of Understanding reinforcing already existing as well as new project cooperations between the two universities.

During their visit to Germany lasting several days, the three members of the Egyptian delegation, Prof. Dr. Esameldin Sadek Farahat Abdalla, President of the University of Minia, Prof. Dr. Hussein Mohamed Ali Ibrahim (Faculty of Restoration and Conservation, University of Minia) and Dr. Ahmed Hemeda (Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, head of all Egyptian museums outside Kairos) met with HAWK President Dr. Marc Hudy, HAWK Professor Dr. Barbara Beckett, Prof. Dr. Regine Schulz (RPM and HAWK University Council) and Dr. Sven Kielau (archaeologist and project initiator)  at the HAWK in Hildesheim for an exchange of ideas. The meeting was initiated in order to continue the cooperation project ("Conservators & Archeologists“) between the University of Minia and HAWK, thus the University President Dr. Marc Hudy. "Our DAAD funding application for this project has been approved and we are looking forward to pursue this cooperation. Furthermore I am very happy about this great opportunity for our students to experience and work in the valuable and unique cultural surroundings in Egypt."
Two years ago, a two-year "Letter of Intent" was signed between the two universities. The agreement included, among other things, a two-week "Autumn School" that took place both in Germany and in Egypt. In the meantime, other universities, including the TU Braunschweig and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, as well as the foundation "Wissensraum Europa-Mittelmeer e.V." are now also involved in the project.
Prof. Essam Farahat emphasised that he was very pleased about the renewal of the Letter of Intent and that during his visit to Hildesheim he was also able to talk to students who will benefit from this agreement and the projects: "Archaeology is a very important field of study for us in Egypt."
So far, this project has been funded by the DAAD until the end of 2024. It included an annual "Summer School" in Hildesheim and a "Field School" in Minia with students participating from the University of Minia and the Department of Conservation and Restoration at HAWK. The aim is now to continue this project under the direction of Prof. Schulz and Prof. Dr. Hussein Mohamed Ali Ibrahim (University of Minia).
In addition, the DAAD has approved funding for a second three-year exchange project ("Explore & Protect" - headed by Prof. Regine Schulz, Prof. Hussein Ibrahim and Dr. Sven Kielau). Prof. Dr. Barbara Beckett, specialising in conservation and restoration of stone objects and architectural surfaces at the Faculty of Building and Conservation, and Dipl.-Des. Christoph Schwendy (Faculty of Design) are closely involved in the production of a film documentation.
Part of the multinational project is an exchange of students and teachers of conservation/restoration and archaeology from both participating universities and Jordanian universities on the topic of "Preservation of Cultural Heritage". The participants will meet for four two-week workshops in Hildesheim, Jordan and Egypt, as well as for the presentations of the project in Egypt, Germany and Jordan. A workshop planned in Sudan had to be cancelled due to the political situation in the country; nonetheless, Sudanese academics are also involved in the project.
Additionally, both universities intend to cooperate more closely in learning programmes. The aim is a comprehensive university partnership within the framework of a bilateral agreement in the coming year.  


Caption Group picture: (left to right): Dr. Ahmed Hemeda (Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, head of all Egyptian museums outside Cairo), Prof. Dr. Barbara Beckett (Conservation and Restoration of Stone Surfaces and Painting on Architecture at the Faculty of Building and Conservation), Prof. Dr. Hussein Ibrahim (University of Minia, Co-Leader DAAD Projects), Prof. Dr. Esameldin Farahat (President of Minia University) and Dr. Marc Hudy (HAWK President), Prof. Dr. Regine Schulz (RPM | HAWK University Council, Co-Leader DAAD Projects), Dr. Sven Kielau (Organiser and Co-Leader DAAD Projects)