The project HAWK open supports refugees in questions concerning the start or continuation of their studies, the crediting of academic achievements, financing and integration into the university.

Any questions? "Open Hour" by student advisers

Further services

Counselling in Hildesheim

Frauke Drewes
Manager of programmes for international students (HAWK open/ HAWK start plus/ HeadStart), member of the Antidiscrimination Board of the HAWK according to AGG

Counselling in Holzminden

Profilbild Karen Büttner
Student advisor Holzminden Students Incomer/Outgoer, PROMOS, HAWK open Project office Holzminden
  • +49/5531/126-162
  • Haarmannplatz 3
    (Room HOA_S24)
    37603 Holzminden

Counselling in Göttingen

Student advisor for exchange students (incoming and outgoing) and international degree-seeking students in Göttingen, HAWK open
  • +49/5121/881-314
  • Büsgenweg 1a
    (Room GÖK_E30)
    37077 Göttingen