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New Green Engineering degree programme!

Thank you for your interest in the Master's degree programme Renewable Resources and Regenerative Energies. However, this programme is coming to an end, and applications for this programme are no longer possible. Since the summer semester 2023, we have instead been offering the Master's programme Green Engineering - Sustainable Energy and Process Engineering for the Bioeconomy!

What is this study programme all about?

As a student in this Master's program, you will learn all about the entire process chain from cultivation, harvesting and provision of renewable resources to the energetic or material use of biomass.
The study subjects in this programme include:

  • Potential of fossil and renewable energy sources
  • Process and energy technology
  • Power generation technologies
  • Biogas and biogenic fuels
  • Material use of renewable renewable resource
  • Plant project planning
  • Energy management
  • Profitability calculation and energy law

What can I do with it later?

The demand for specialists in the field of renewable resource and regenerative energies remains high. A current survey of our graduates shows that, after having completed your studies, you can work successfully in engineering offices, planning biogas plants, in an energy supply company, in project management, in research institutions or in the production and processing of renewable resource.

What makes the study programme special?

You will be working on one of the central issues of the future: In the coming decades, global economic development will be strongly influenced by the unpredictable availability of resources.

The reliable supply of energy sources and renewable resource in sufficient quantities and at acceptable costs will be of crucial importance. The study programme is organized in cooperation with the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. As a result, some of the lectures will take place in the state capital of Lower Saxony.